Saturday, 21 April 2012

Your help is needed!

Dear friends of Journey of Hope

we're reaching out to you to ask for your support and thoughts. Since months we're working hard to get the new website done. The good part of this story is that we’re ready for getting it online.

Our new provider is located in Germany called Flexinetz: they are supporting human rights! Since more than 25 years the owner of Flexinetz Internet Service is a supporting member of amnesty international, being active on individual cases some years as well. A small percentage of the income of Flexinetz goes to ai by yearly donations of the owner. They even offered Journey of Hope their support by a monthly discount on the webserver-package.
This and the incredible work they had done in the past with helping us with the new website showed us that this is the right move.

The sad news is that 1&1, our current provider, seems to have an opposite opinion about moving our website.  In order to make the provider aware about the switch, the domain owner needs to call up and confirm the cancellation by phone. As 1&1 officially says on their website: “Our service team will process and confirm your termination.”
Yes, that’s what they did, but Bill Pelke, founder of Journey of Hope and domain owner never asked for deleting the whole site. As asked by 1&1 he called up and asked for the transfer to another provider. The cancellation of the contract was for „move to another provider (KK)“, not „delete“, so that’s where the damage began. The contents cannot be backuped anymore, because 1&1 deleted them unexpectedly and without prior notice.

Unfortunatly the Journey of Hope website can’t be reached since that phone call. No e-mails are being sent nor forwarded. So that what is going on right now with the Journey of Hope website.
Now we’re asking you for your help and support. Please write to 1&1 and ask about the following:

Dear 1&1

I’m a visitor and supporter of and it’s organization Journey of Hope.

It is now more than a week ago that you made the domain unavailable and did not keep it ready for a transfer.
It is now more than a week ago that you made the email-address unavailable.

I’m strongly asking you to do the following immediately:
  • make all domain contents publicly available under
  • give us back the access to all former mailboxes *
Thank you!

Together we are able to make up their mind. Thank you very much for your time and support in helping us in this cause

Webmaster of Journey of Hope

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