Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fetzer Awards to NGO`s Furthering Love and Forgiveness

Friends, in the last blog I mentioned exiting days ahead for the Journey of Hope.

One of the most exciting things about the Journey of Hope for me began when I came across an article called:

Fetzer Awards to NGOs Furthering Love, Forgiveness

Anybody that knows me or the Journey knows that would get my attention. The article can be found at: and I have copied it here.

The Fetzer Institute is creating a tangible incentive and recognition for non-governmental organizations whose work furthers love and forgiveness--a pair of $25,000 awards and exposure via a global, web-based competition. Asking, "What in the world are YOU doing?" the program will honor an NGO within the United States and one from elsewhere in the world.

The purpose of the activity is much broader than just identifying a pair of recipients, said Fetzer Board Chairman Rob Lehman. "There’s a whole invisible community that’s already doing the work," Lehman said, "and part of our role is to make that community visible."

Philanthropy defined means "love for humanity," so there’s certainly no shortage of worthy candidates. The event seeks nonprofits who demonstrate "the joyful giving of oneself to transform other people’s lives."

Information on the international, web-based awards is available at

The competition is part of the Fetzer Institute’s broader effort to build awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community. As such, organizers hope submissions will demonstrate the connection between love and action by these groups, and the fostering of forgiveness by the work itself. Entries will be displayed online in a Global Gallery of videos, photos, and other information for the perusal of web visitors and judges.

Deadline for submission is Jan. 31, 2013, with public voting open from Feb. 1 until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. A panel of judges from the Fetzer Institute and its NGO Advisory Council will select the winners of the $25,000 awards to be announced in March 2013. A third prize of $5,000 will go to the entry that receives the most love from the online voting process.

"I think they can help us round out our understanding of love and forgiveness in ways that we could not dream in a million years," added Fetzer CEO Lawrence E. Sullivan.

This is a project of the Fetzer Advisory Council on Non-Govermmental Organizations.

Additional External Resources & Multimedia

Tell Us World web site

Journey of Hope board member Anne Feczko wrote the application explaining the Journey philosophy of love, compassion and forgiveness for all of humanity. Emmy award winning Micki Dickoff produced an excellent 5 minute video with the concept of love, compassion and forgiveness cleverly woven throughout.


I would like for the Journey of Hope win the award of $25,000 dollars and I think we have a chance, but you could help us win the third prize $5000 for the entry that receives the most love from the online voting process.

Could you share this with your network friends? $5,000 would be such a wonderful blessing.

Info on the upcoming Indiana Journey of Hope Feb 22-March 10, the 5 th World Congress in Madrid, June 12 - 15, the annual Fast and Vigil, June 29 -July 2 in front of the US Supreme Court and so much more, hopefully soon.

I would like to give a public thank you to Micki Dickoff and Probono Productions for presenting the Journey of Hope when we were at our best. We are at our best when we are talking about love, compassion and forgiveness. Micki, YOU are the Greatest, and I know that you are most loved. I hope your film is too. NESHOBA is one of Micki’s works

And friends, please help us win the most loved award.

Please share this with your friends.

Till next time,

Love and Peace,


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