Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Events from last night, by R. Halperin

I would like to add that what happened last night was a tragedy in every way
possible; it was a tragedy for the family of Mr. MacPhail, and equally for
Martina and her family.

It was a tragedy, and in my opinion, a disgrace, that NO major abolitionist
organization made any / much mention of the execution here in Texas;
Lawrence Brewer, a self-avowed white supremacist, was executed for teh
horrific 1998 hate crime truck-dragging death of James Byrd.....NOWHERE was
there any mention of the fact that James' son, Ross Byrd, was opposed to Mr.
Brewer's execution, and has been since his father's tragic death.
I can applaud Amnesty for a heavy focus on Troy's case, because it certainly
merited the attention.  But so do all the others.  The death penalty is not
a matter of inmates who may be innocent; it is a matter of principle
stopping our headlong rush into the abyss of human rights violations and

I mourn for Martina and her family....I mourn for the MacPhail family....I
mourn for the Byrd family....I mourn for the family of Angela Cagle...Angela
Cagle?  she was murdered in Alabama in 1994 by Derrick Mason, who faces
execution there tonight....where is the national fuss about him????
This struggle goes on until this country (and indeed the world) reach a
point of enlightenment so that governments stop killing.

--peace to all--


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