Friday, 23 September 2011

The roller coaster ride is over for Troy Davis and his family..

The roller Coaster ride is over for Troy Davis and his family.

The ride came to a crashing end.
Troy Davis RIP

I never thought that the state of Georgia would execute Troy. Too many signs pointed to his innocence.
After 4 execution dates the state of Georgia finally go its revenge. I believe that Troy’s execution will be
the beginning of the end for the death penalty worldwide. Never in my 25 years as an abolitionist have
I seen anything like this case. National cable news outlets interviewed person after person for hours
on Wednesday, each speaking eloquently as to why this execution was wrong. Millions of people from
around the world supported a stay for Troy and millions more got a real education about the failure
of the death penalty system. We have said for years that the way to abolition is education, education,
education. The world got a great education as a result of Troy’s case.

More people have joined the campaign to abolish the death penalty. Even people who support the
death penalty don’t want the wrong person executed. As long as human beings make the decision
as to who lives and dies, we are going to make mistakes. I have never seen people around the world
unite on this issue as they have in Troy’s case. The roller coaster ride is over for Troy and his family. I
hope that the roller coaster will be destroyed because of the unjust act that just took place in Georgia.

Please support organizations like the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty (WCADP), The National
Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), Murder Victims Families for Human Rights (MVFHR) and
the Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing as we try to eradicate this injustice from our society.

Bill Pelke

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