Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I am really getting excited about the "Uganda Journey of Hope.."

I am really getting excited about the "Uganda Journey of Hope".

So is Bill Babbitt. Bill has helped raise over $2000 to see this Journey take place.
Randy Gardner is excited about going too. Randy called the "Journey of Hope" office last year right after Christmas and told how his brother had been executed by firing squad five months earlier. Randy said he was busting at the gut to speak out against the death penalty with his firsthand experience. Randy will be having that chance in Africa.
Bill Babbitt has been speaking out about his brother Manny’s execution for many years.
These two brothers will be sharing the torture that their families went through because of state sanctioned

Charity Lee, called the "Journey of Hope" office a few months ago and told me about a non-profit organization she had started, called the ELLA Foundation, named after her four year old daughter Ella, who was killed by her 13 year-old brother.
Charity has seen crime from both sides of the fence. She has determined that Love conquers all. She told me she was looking for opportunities to share that love, through speaking to the people.

About three monthes ago, Mpagi Edward Edmary asked me if the "Journey of Hope" could come to Uganda and help him in his lonely efforts for abolition.
My friend Dirk Sisson opened a door, others doors followed suit and in five short days the "Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing" is heading for Uganda.
The timing was set to coincide with the 9th annual World Day Against the Death Penalty on October 10.
We will leave for Uganda on October the 2nd and will speak in middle-, highschool and college classes.
We will be speaking in rallies, visiting the men`s death row, the women`s prison and family members of death row inmates.
Since Edward was exonerated from Uganda`s death row, he has spent his time working  to build a school and an orphanage for the childeren whose parents are in prison, and therefore were forced to leave school when their family member was incarcerated.
For more information on Edward and his project, please go to "Dream One World"

When Maria Donatelli, Coordinator for the World Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty was made aware that the "Journey of Hope" was going to be in Uganda during the World Day, she invited us to attend a two day conference sponsered by the WCADP and "Hands Off Cain" in Kigali, Rwanda, on October 12 to 14.
From Rwanda we will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya for some meetings before returning to the U.S. on October the 19th.
I will try to make frequent posts on this blog about our Journey...
Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

In Love and Peace,


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